Madrax tables in police custody. Image: @SA Police / Twiter

Drug-dealing suspect offered R1 000 bribe to police

These stories always shock. A drug-dealing suspect from Cape Town’s Parklands carried millions worth of mandrax before he offered police a R 1000 bribe.


Madrax tables in police custody. Image: @SA Police / Twiter

How much courage do you need for such? Police arrested a drug-dealing suspect after his failed R1 000 bribe attempt. The man was handcuffed last weekend ahead of his appearance on Monday.


So how did the arrest happen? As confirmed by the South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk, the man was nabbed in Parklands on New Year’s Eve.

The local area’s policemen were doing routine patrols before catching a suspect with the wrong bag at the wrong time and certain at the wrong place.

It is said the man is an owner of a laundromat, suddenly turned into a drug dealing suspect. Things changed quickly the moment he was seen carrying a suspicious bag.

“When he was asked what was inside the bag, the man handed it over to a police officer,” van Wyk said.

“He said he had been given the bag and asked to drop it off at the parking area of a shopping centre in Table View.”


The Cape Town laundry owner turned drug suspect then offered a R1 000 bribe to police after it was discovered he was carrying.

“The officer opened the plastic bag and immediately recognised the contents of the bag as mandrax tablets. The man then offered the officer R1 000 not to arrest him,” Van Wyk said.

The drug-dealing suspect was thus arrested for the possession of illegal substances, dealing in an illegal substance, and of course bribery.

“The 54-year-old suspect was arrested and will be appearing in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday, January 3, 2022, on the mentioned charges,” Van Wyk added.

Elsewhere in the mother city, police officials managed to take a large shipment of Mandrax off of Mzansi streets after suspects were caught with the drugs attempting to reach Cape Town. In a statement issued following the sizable bust, it was confirmed that two vehicles had been involved in the incident.