load shedding cape town

Cape Town Electrical Maintenance 21 to 27 February. Photo: Unsplash.

Cape Town electrical maintenance: Power cuts in 13 areas from 21 to 27 Feb

‘This is how we ensure reliable electricity supply and good management of our public infrastructure,’ said the City of Cape Town.

load shedding cape town

Cape Town Electrical Maintenance 21 to 27 February. Photo: Unsplash.

Thirteen areas in the City of Cape Town will be without electricity sometime during the week of Monday, 21 February, as routine maintenance on the electrical infrastructure in the metropolitan carries on.

Maintenance is scheduled for every day of the week from Monday to Saturday.


21 FebruaryNewlandsCampground and Monorgan Mews09:0016:00
21 FebruaryBellville SouthLloyd, De Wet and Eendrag09:0016:00
22 FebruarySomerset WestAshford, Brookside Village, Avon, Schapenberg, Yellowood, Sagewood, Mopani and Marula08:3018:00
22 FebruaryWynbergBelverdere and Imam Haron09:0016:00
22 FebruaryMouille PointHill and vicinity09:0015:30
23 FebruaryMilnertonFreedom, Marinus and vicinity08:0016:00
23 FebruarySomerset West Gabro, Sandstone, Shale and Granite08:3018:00
23 FebruaryColoradoLara, Colleen, Louise, Joan and Tracey08:3018:00
23 FebruaryMelkbosPeriwinkle and Melkbos Golf Estate09:0016:00
24 FebruarySomerset West Lido Lorraine, Silverboomkloof, Clouds, Forrest and Hill08:0018:00
24 FebruaryKenilworthGolding Square, Main and Summerley09:0016:00
26 FebruaryAtlantisPets Nell Hare and vicinity08:0023:00
27 FebruaryParowN1 City and Lauwtjie Rothman03:0008:00
27 FebruaryWynbergBrodie and Sunning Hill  05:0014:00
27 FebruaryWynbergMilestone substation and Main06:0014:00
27 FebruaryWynbergPiers, Devonshire and Maynardville substation  06:0014:00
27 FebruaryWynbergBrodie substation, Church, Main and Brodie  06:0014:00
27 FebruaryWynbergEbenezer06:0014:00
27 FebruaryWynbergBenjamin and Egglestone  06:0014:00
27 FebruaryBellvilleErf 31628, Erf 29818 and Willie van Schoor07:0014:00
27 FebruaryBrooklynNorthgate Island08:0016:00
The information in the table was correct at the time of publication.

The City of Cape Town said its routine maintenance of infrastructure is how it is able to ensure that residents have access to a reliable supply of electricity.

Residents are advised to switch off appliances at the wall socket ahead of the maintenance to reduce the potential damage that could be caused by power surges.

“The supply could be restored at any time, therefore residents should remember to treat all electrical installations as live for the full duration of the interruption,” said the City of Cape Town.