You’ve been singing this line

You’ve been singing this line from J-Lo’s “I’m real” wrong forever

Your world is about to be turned upside down.

You’ve been singing this line

Remember the bad old days when Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule collaborated for a tune? Come on, don’t act coy, you know the tune “I’m real”? Yeah, of course you do. And you probably think you know ALL the lyrics, right?

Especially the intro bit where J-Lo asks: “Are you Ellie?”

You’ve been wondering for years who Ellie is, right? It was basically the “Becky with good hair” of the early 2000s. But hold up, your world is about to change.

That’s not what J-Lo is singing at all.

Right before Lopez sings her opening line, Ja Rule says, “What’s my motherfuckin’ name?”

viJ. Lo responds, “R-U-L-E.”

So basically, she is spelling out Ja-Rule’s name.

Whaaaaat? Mind blown.