Watch: Wayde van Niekerk’s par

Watch: Wayde van Niekerk’s parents share his extraordinary story [video]

Wayde’s incredible journey to the top, told by his parents and great-grandmother/coach.

Watch: Wayde van Niekerk’s par

“I think your child only has 24 hours to live.” Those were the words Wayde van Niekerk’s mother, Odessa Swarts, heard after she gave birth to her premature boy.

“He was so small and fragile,” says Swarts in the video. Now, van Niekerk is the current world record holder, world champion and Olympic champion in the 400 metres.

Wayde van Niekerk with is parents Odessa Swarts and Steven Swarts on October 2, 2015 in Bloemfotein, South Africa. Van Niekerk won the men's 400m at this year's IAAF World Championships. (Photo by Gallo Images / Roger Sedres)
Wayde van Niekerk with his parents Odessa Swarts and Steven Swarts l Photo by Gallo Images / Roger Sedres

It has been an uphill battle for Wayde to claim these titles, all with the help of his 74-year-old coach and great-grandmother, Ans Botha.

Watch Wayde’s incredible journey through the eyes of his parents.