Watch: The Philippines’ most a

Watch: The Philippines’ most active volcano spewing fountains of lava and ash [video]

Mount Mayon, the active volcano in the Philippines has been spewing lava and ash since January 13, 2018. Take a look at the breath-taking footage:

Watch: The Philippines’ most a

The Philippines’ most active volcano has been spewing fountains of lava and ash in what is seen as a mesmerizing but fearful sight.

The display forced people to evacuate the area as Mount Mayon spewed lava up to 600 meters (2,000 feet) high at times on Tuesday and early Wednesday. ABC News and Time reports that its ash plumes stretched up to 5 kilometres (3 miles) above the crater.

According to Reuters, Mount Mayon’s eruption has affected 54 villages in the coconut-growing province Albay, with a combined population of 71,373 people.

On Tuesday, an explosion from the crater was capped by one of the most massive lava displays since Mayon started erupting more than a week ago. Authorities was forced to expand the danger zone to 9 kilometres (5 miles) from the crater and warned eruption may occur sometime soon.

At the moment volcanic ash has darkened the skies. Watch a time-lapse of the volcano from footage taken since the it started spewing lava and ash on January 13, 2018:

Mount Mayon has erupted about 50 times over the last 500 years, sometimes quite violently. In 2013, an ash eruption reportedly killed five climbers who ventured up the mountain despite warnings. In 1814, Mayon’s most destructive eruption killed 1, 200 people and buried the town of Cagswa in volcanic mud.

The Philippines has about 22 active volcanoes. One of these, called Mount Pinatubo exploded in 1991 and lead to the death of 800 people. The explosion is said to be one of the biggest volcanic eruptions of the 20th century. The explosion covered towns and cities in ash and prompted the U.S. government to abandon its vast air and naval bases on the main northern Luzon island.