Watch: SuzelleDIY makes macram

Watch: SuzelleDIY makes macramé with Freshlygrounds’ Zolani Mahola [video]

Basically, watch SuzelleDIY and Zolani master the art of knotting string in patterns.

Watch: SuzelleDIY makes macram

Suzelle says they’ve got a lot in common. They both sing, both of them are celebrities and both of them have videos on YouTube.

Well you guessed it folks, YouTube sensation SuzelleDIY teamed up with the lead singer of the music group, Freshlyground’s, Zolani Mahola to master the art of knotting string in patterns for decorative purposes – also known as macramé.

Zolani isn’t the only celebrity to visit Suzelle’s studio recently. Riaan Cruywagen made a ‘relaxatron’ with Suzelle a while back but not before testing his news reading skills of course.

And so, before they dived into project, she invited the singer to play a singing game with Suzelle’s BFF, Marianne as the judge.

While they went back and forth singing, Marianne listened. Zolani finally sang the Freshlyground hit-song, ‘Doo Be Doo’ – which might’ve nudged Marianne towards picking her as the winner – and she won a cup of freshly ground coffee.

They proceed to make Suzelle’s macramé and luckily, it looks quite easy: All you need to make macramé, is an old t-shirt, scissors and a plant. Suzelle mentions that you can even use string, rope, wool or other pieces of scraps you can find.

Check out the video to see how Suzelle makes some macramé :

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There’s it!

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