Watch: Pro Snowboarder narrowl

Watch: Pro Snowboarder narrowly escapes avalanche in epic new clip [video]

In a new video that is already making the rounds on the internet and clocking in views, Pro Snowboarder Alfons Garcia expertly escapes an avalanche.

Watch: Pro Snowboarder narrowl

In one of the first epic clips of 2018, a pro snowboarder narrowly escaped an avalanche he caused. Spanish Snowboarder, 28-year-old Alfons Garcia was captured carving the Val d’Aran of Spain’s Pyrenees mountains when he hit an unsettled patch of snow creating a sizeable avalanche in the process.

Thanks to To the Top Films, Garcia’s escape was captured on film.

Garcia has participated in a handful of Free ride world qualifier events. In the nail-biting video that’s gone viral for all the right reasons since it was uploaded on January 4th, Garcia expertly escapes an avalanche that follows him down the mountain after he jumps a rock. It’s almost like watching a real-life action film. In the video you also hear people cheering him on.

The video uploaded by ViralHog has already clocked in 225,623 views. In the description, To The Top Films wrote:

“The avalanche happened in the heart of the Pyrenees while we were filming for our next snowboard documentary film.

“Athleta is a 28-year-old local rider at Baqueira Beret who has participated in several Free ride World Qualifier events. What ‘Alfons Garcia’ didn’t expect is that he was going to live an intense experience in what seemed like an idyllic backcountry day. After jumping a rock from the top of the slope and making a turn, the top plate of snow cracked causing an avalanche just above him. Luckily there was no damage and everything was documented by Victor De Ciria since the Aranese rider was faster than the avalanche, but it serves as an example to take into account the dangers that we expose ourselves whenever we go out to enjoy snowboarding off-piste.”

Watch the epic, scary and thrilling video featuring Alfons Garcia escaping an avalanche down here:

How impressive is that!

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