Watch: Police Dog performs CPR

Watch: Police Dog performs CPR to ‘save’ his handler’s life [video]

Meet Poncho, the police dog with serious life-saving skills.

Watch: Police Dog performs CPR

A police dog performing CPR to save his handler’s life is probably one of the best things you’ll see today. It seems the clip was taken during a police dog demonstration and went crazy viral since it was uploaded.

The talented dog named Poncho is the star of a recent video shared by the Municipal Police of Madrid in Spain.

According to reports, the dog is seen simulating cardiac arrest during a training exhibition, prompting the sweet pup to show off how he’s been taught to “resuscitate” his handler who is seen ‘playing dead’.

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He even appears to stop to listen for breath and feel for a pulse in the video that’s racked up more than two million views and re-tweeted thousands of times. The video has 2 million views on Twitter alone.

Watch Poncho resuscitate his handler in this adorable video:

How adorable! Comments on The Police Department of Madrid’s Instagram account range from “cute” to “this is a very important video!”

“I can’t even…” said one Instagram user. “This is amazing,” said another.

He is a hero for the internet, yes!

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