Watch: KZN hijacking in broad

Watch: KZN hijacking in broad daylight, criminals switching techniques [video]

Footage of a hijacking in Chatsworth shows how the hijackers blocked the driver’s escape by stopping in front of the targeted vehicle instead of the ‘side approach’ we often see.

Watch: KZN hijacking in broad

Folks, we cannot overstate the importance of keeping your wits about you while driving… by the looks of it, especially in KZN. now, while most of us would expect hijackers to come from behind or the side, generally pouncing when you’re entering or leaving parking premises with few people in sight, these okes chose broad daylight and switched up their style.

Instead of the standard hijacking M.O we see so often, the robbers pulled in front of the vehicle, blocking the driver’s escape. The video, posted by Police Pics and Clips to their Facebook page, has been viewed more than 62 000 times and the site reports that the vehicle was found shortly after the hijacking took place.


Hijacking occurred this afternoon in Chatsworth Kzn. Pls note the suspects stopped IN FRONT of their victim when she was hijacked! ALWAYS leave a gap between the car in front of you and your car so that you can get out in one fluid movement.
The hijacked vehicle was later found abandoned.

Posted by Police pics and clips on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The crime situation in KZN has steadily spiralled out of the provincial government’s control, with murder, rape, road deaths caused by reckless drivers and hijackings surging on an almost-weekly basis.