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Watch: How someone can hack into your WhatsApp in just six steps [video]

Oh wow. This is going to cause World War Three.

WhatsApp Olivia message


WhatsApp has become the communication tool of choice for an overwhelming majority of smartphone users. But as a video shared by IOL proves, with great dependency comes great vulnerability.

Certainly, it’s a brilliant platform for staying in touch and sharing those hilarious videos and memes that get us all through the day. It’s also where our most personal information lies, and the most intimate (or, downright NSFW) conversations take place.

Now, imagine there’s a way for anyone – a complete stranger, or someone you know closely – to hack into your personal WhatsApp account. Well, you don’t have to imagine for much longer; it’s already a grim reality.

A video shared to social media almost one year ago has enjoyed something of a renaissance this week. The two-minute clip shows how defective security measures allow anyone within your vicinity the chance to hack into your phone.

This is how is works. Now, at this point we can’t be held responsible for whatever you decide to do with this information. Don’t blame us, blame the system!

How can someone hack into a WhatsApp account?

1 Open Google Chrome, search for WhatsApp web, click on www.//web.whatsapp.com.

2 Click the three horizontal lines at the top right of the page, and choose the “select desktop site” option.

3 You then get a barcode-looking image that loads up on the screen. Keep that handy, because now you need to open the phone of the person you’re looking into.

(Yes. We are aware that if this scheme requires you to access someone else’s phone, you could just read their messages there and then. However, this is for people looking to play the long game.)

4 On the other person’s phone, open the WhatsApp application to the main menu. Again, you will see three horizontal lines. Click on that, and the phone will instantly launch the “scan code” process.

5 Remember the barcode-looking image? Make sure you hover the second phone over the first one, to capture the code and complete a scan. Once this is finished, all contacts, messages and history is automatically downloaded onto the second phone.

6 You then need to “Turn on Desktop Notifications” on the second phone, so it gets sent to the WhatsApp web tab you opened on phone number one (your phone). And, just like that, you’re in behind the scenes.

Watch: The tutorial for a WhatsApp hack

The video was initially uploaded under the premise that ladies could catch their men if they were cheating. But the possibilities are endless. We’re advising you keep your phone nearby at all times, and regularly change passcodes to gain access.

We guarantee you this will only ever end in tears, though. You’re grown-ass adults, so go ahead and do whatever you please. But seriously, what are the chances that doing this will have a happy ending?