Watch: Horrific head on collis

Watch: Horrific head on collision in Joburg caught on camera [video]

It appears the driver lost all control.

Watch: Horrific head on collis

The roads are an incredibly dangerous place, it’s a scary and harsh reality but something we get reminded of every single day. The December holiday period sets a new record for number of road deaths almost every year.

CCTV footage has now emerged of a high-speed head-on collision at the Gordon and Hendrik Potgieter roads’ intersection in Roodepoort. The Citizen got hold of the video and it truly shows how high speed is a deadly killer. The paper reports that a 60-year-old woman is now in critical condition after the incident. Aside from that, very few details are available.

As one of the cars is coming across to turn right, another car suddenly appears and can be seen speeding through the intersection. From looking at the footage it seems that the speeder had lost all control of the vehicle.

The fact that the speeding car approaches the intersection at an angle helps confirm that theory. As contact is made, the two cars go flying back, there isn’t any sound but one can truly feel the speed at which those cars come into contact.

We at The South African sincerely hope that the remaining passengers make a speedy recovery. Please stay safe on the roads folks, we are all in a rush but driving a couple of km’s slower can literally be the difference between life and death.