Watch: Furious Richard’s Bay p

Watch: Furious Richard’s Bay protesters flip police vans with bulldozers [video]

Note to the coppers… don’t get on the wrong side of protesting construction workers.

Watch: Furious Richard’s Bay p

The KZN SAPS was ill-equipped to deal with a group of angry protesters who, as you would expect, have access to some pretty serious hardware.

Now, this might look like something out of a comedy, but folks could have been hurt when the protesting Richard’s Bay Harbour workers went on their rampage.

Workers downed tools, and when the SAPS showed up to try and disperse them they got stroppy. Firing at the protesters clearly just made things worse and, well… a couple of police vans suffered the consequences.

KZN SAPS spokesperson Colonel Thulani Zwane told TimesLive that they have arrested some of the workers.

With all the protests the SAPS has to deal with on and almost-daily basis you would think riot management would have become a key training exercise among officers. That said, cabinet ministers are shuffled around so often under Jacob Zuma’s ANC that it’s no surprise so many departments are barely functioning to start with.

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This year alone we’ve seen three key departments uprooted and given new management teams, including finance, home affairs, energy and the police. Basically, the department’s responsible for the economy, borders, safety and keeping the lights on are all in chaos thanks to some in the ANC looking to secure their own future.