elephant stick on head

Watch: Elephants throwing things at rhinos is apparently a thing [video]

Rocks, sticks, whatevs.

elephant stick on head

Animals are territorial buggers and this clip gives us a glimpse into what happens when two of those territorial buggers come face-to-face. The video was captured by Joe Gregory and posted to Latest Sightings. He said that those present to witness the stand off could “feel the testosterone” in the air.

The same video was uploaded to YouTube by freewalker five years ago, though. Either way, it’s still a pretty amazing thing to witness.

Considering just how ginormous these two bulls are, those who were lucky enough to witness this incident in real life could probably feel the ground vibrate beneath their feet, too!

Look, this could have ended up much more violent, so Mr. Rhino over here is probably lucky. Incidents like these can get pretty nasty, but this seems to have been the animal equivalent of rugby players shoving each other around.

The huff and puff eventually ended in a stalemate, but the elephant’s tricks with the stick on its head and eventually chucking it at rhino dude caused many giggles in the comments section.

One user wrote:
“Elephant: I’m going to make the stick DISAPPEAR


“you think your horn is cool? well look at me, I got a stick”

Or, who knows, perhaps the elephant quite liked the look of the rhino’s fancy horn and was trying to copy its look. Or maybe it was mocking the rhino?

It’s also not the first time elephants have been caught on camera throwing things at rhinos. Another video from earlier this year shows elephants throwing rocks at rhinos.

Liaan Lategan who posted the video on YouTube wrote: “After a nice wallowing in the mud, a small herd of elephants were confronted by a White Rhino mother and calf. A young Elephant did not like this intrusion at all and gave a short mock charge. This did not have the desired effect he was looking for, so he then threw a rock right at the unsuspecting rhinos.”