black mamba empangeni sanlam centre


Watch: Deadly Black Mamba causes hysteria at Empangeni Sanlam Centre [video]

Who wouldn’t be scared sh*tless?

black mamba empangeni sanlam centre


Imagine minding your own business on a fine Sunday, ticking off that shopping checklist at a busy Empangeni Sanlam Centre, absolutely mindless to the fact that there is a 2.3-meter Black Mamba lurking in the crevices of the mall’s walls.

This is exactly what happened at the shopping centre in Empangeni, Kwa-Zulu Natal on Sunday.

As reported by the Zululand Observer, people went into a craze after they noticed the deadly snake at the parking lot of the shopping mall.

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Black Mambas defensive nature

In hostile situations, Black Mambas, often go into full attack mode and their incredible speed and deadly venom makes them one of the most dangerous reptilian species.

Nothing happened at the parking lot though. This is likely because Black Mambas use their deathly venom as a last form of defence, when there is no escape route in sight.

Thanks to Frank Lubbe, an expert snake handler, peace was restored at the centre and the snake was removed safely.

“At 12:15pm I received a call from the Sanlam Centre saying that there was a massive snake under a car in the parking lot. I got there and could not miss where it was as there was a huge crowd of people standing around the parking (lot) looking at the car.

“I had it jacked up as I thought it must be laying on the one cover under the middle of the chassis. I hit the cover with the back of my snake hook to drive it out if it was there. Then with my head near the back left wheel, I looked to see if it is not on the petrol tank. When I shone my light onto what I first thought to be a rubber pipe, I saw the scales and knew I found what I was looking for,” Lubbe stated.

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According to Lubbe, the snake was taken to a safe habitat where it was released. At least, she won’t be bothered by humans anymore.

Watch: Snake handler retrieves Black Mamba from Empangeni Sanlam Centre