Watch: Armed robbers make trac

Watch: Armed robbers make tracks after holding up guest in Pinetown hotel [video]


Watch: Armed robbers make trac

Crime Watch posted a clip to their YouTube page showing three armed robbers targeting a visitor to the Splendid Inn Hotel in Pinetown, KZN on Tuesday.

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The page reports that a man withdrew cash from an ATM in New Germany before heading over to the hotel to pick up a guest who was staying there. At that moment a car that had been following the man pulled into the parking lot behind the victim.

 “The security guard on duty witnessed the incident, ran to the car and then hurried back to close the boom gate. When he refused to allow the getaway car to leave, three of the assailants jumped out and pointed weapons at him. He then complied by opening the gate and the attackers sped off,” Karen Smith, account manager for Eclipse Public Relations told Crime Watch.

The robbers had reportedly stolen their vehicle in a hijacking incident the previous day.

“No one was injured in the incident and when the man involved was offered medical treatment, he declined. The incident is one of three that occurred in the greater Durban area yesterday,” Smith said.

Perhaps more worrying is that, according to hotel management, the Pinetown SAPS has yet to show up to take statements about what had happened… not to mention even attempting to track down the culprits.