Watch: A song for mothers who

Watch: A song for mothers who finally gave in and bought a Minivan [video]

There comes a time when all parents sell out for more leg room…

Watch: A song for mothers who

You know you said you’ll never buy a minivan, but sometimes it’s just inevitable – especially if you’re a “soccer mom” and in desperate need of some space.

Sooner or later parents sell out for a minivan because well, there’s just so much more leg room or just because it makes carpooling much more comfortable.

A group of moms, known as The Texting Yoga Pants, famous for their parenting parodies and remixed Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it” into “Never thought I’d do it”.

These cool mamas use breast pumps as microphones and declare that they never thought they’d be “that mom” and get a minivan – seriously, who dreams of owning a minivan anyways?

As one mom hilariously sings:

“I know what you’re saying, I won’t be cool anymore when I get this van
Yes my car’s been good to me, ever since I was a single lady
But now I’m a mommy trying to squeeze three car seats across a single row y’all
I never thought I’d be that mom we all know
But I need a big trunk to stack the kids junk, girl my mind just got blown…”

Sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do”.