Watch: 10 of the most crazy SA

Watch: 10 of the most crazy SA road rage incidents [video]

These South Africans truly lost their mind to the rage.

Watch: 10 of the most crazy SA

South African drivers, good or bad? Cape Towners think Joburgers can’t drive and Joburgers think Cape Tonians can’t drive, i’ts a very subjective topic. One thing we know for sure is when South African’s see a bad driver, they get ALL KINDS of angry…

Anger on the roads often leads to road range, most cases are a “I scream at you, you scream at me situation,” but other times things escalate to a nasty place. YouTuber “Project South Africa” has managed to compile the 10 most hectic cases of local road rage. These South Africans seemed to throw their brains out the car window and put everything on the line, from their bodies to even their cars.

Check out the compilation below.