Watch: Honest ‘spuitpoep’ comm

Watch: Honest ‘spuitpoep’ comment from netball player on live television goes viral [video]

SA netball player, Vanes-Mari du Toit got brutally honest on Dancing with the Stars. Watch the clip over here:

Watch: Honest ‘spuitpoep’ comm

International netball player and Super-Sport presenter, Vanes-Mari du Toit was just as surprised about her ‘spuitpoep’ comment the moment she said it live on Dancing with the Stars SA as everyone else.

The netball player’s interview on Dancing with the Stars SA has gone viral after she said she had ‘spuitpoep’ (diarrhea) the previous week on live television.

During an interview after her performance with Johannes Radebe, she told presenter, Tracey Lange that she had diarrhea the previous week and it was terrible.

She continued to say in Afrikaans: “Ek het ‘n bietjie spuitpoep gehad heel week; dit was terrible, ek het bietjie loopmagie gehad daarso. Ons almal weet as jy stres, affekteer dit goedjies, so ek is bly ek kon dit hierdie week bietjie rustiger vat.”

It wasn’t long before the interview clip started making the rounds on the internet. The Facebook group, ‘Eks van Montana en omliggende area‘ shared the clip, where it clocked in 4,813 shares alone.

Later, Du Toit also shared the clip on her Instagram page, saying: “I don’t like to think before I speak, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.”

and on her Twitter page, saying :”Sh*t happens”.

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Well ain’t that something!