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US Travel and Aviation blogger rates SAA as one of Africa’s top airlines [video]

The video is doing the rounds, and showcasing some of the most noteworthy parts of South Africa, including its national carrier.

US Travel and Aviation blogger


The blogger, Sam Chui, has a reach on YouTube that exceeds 40 million. Chui’s recent trip to Africa prompted him to make a video of his travels.

The video highlights his positive experience with South Africa’s national carrier and showcases the incredible hospitality he was shown by South Africans along the way.

SAA comes out tops

The video is a commentary on Chui’s flights to OR Tambo on SAA and to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines.

South Africa’s friendly culture and the efficiency of SAA are both brought to light in the video as well as OR Tambo International, which Chui regards as a world-class airport.

Chui also comments on the food in South Africa, and whilst in transit in OR Tambo’s Premier Lounge, he tucks into some chicken livers for breakfast and remarks on how much he enjoys South African food, in particular, the meat.

The video, which has already been viewed over 130 000 times, tells a wonderful story about South Africans and our beautiful country.

Of his flight on SAA, Chui says, “That was a really pleasant flight.”

In the video, which can be viewed below, Chui interacts with members of the SAA crew and is taught various phrases and idiosyncrasies which make South Africa so uniquely beautiful.

He says, “I like Africa. You guys are cool, really cool.”

Watch the comparison of his South African experience versus his Ethiopian experience below:

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