Uber passenger threatened by m

Uber passenger threatened by meter cab drivers outside the Gautrain station

Watch as these meter taxi drivers tell this woman that they’ll *#$@ her up, after they intimidate and harass people trying to get to their Uber taxis.

Uber passenger threatened by m

News24 was sent this video, clearly showing two meter cab drivers harass folks who simply choose Uber instead of meter taxis.

Now, it might be worth mentioning that meter taxis don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to passenger safety. In the last few months along Cape Town has had two separate instances of passengers getting into meter cabs and being assaulted.

  • The first was a young man who got into a meter taxi in Kloof Street, Cape Town and was found severely beaten on the side of the N1.
  • The second was just last week when Sanet de Lange was picked up in Claremont and beaten by the meter cab driver and his mate.

Uber taxis offer a safe, traceable, standardised and efficient means of transportation, while meter cabs need to be haggled with and, well… let’s be honest, there have been too many examples of young women being raped by meter taxi drivers and students being mugged.

If the taxi industry can’t take a little competition then get out of the business folks, the times they are a changing.