trevor noah reaction bbc interview

Trevor Noah’s reaction to that BBC interview is almost as funny as the interview itself [video]

That kid in the yellow jersey, maaaaan.

trevor noah reaction bbc interview

Guys, if you’ve not seen the BBC interview with two swagg-ass kids interrupting their dad on live TV, where have you even been? It will, without a doubt, go down as one of the greatest, funniest, most bizarre moments on the BBC ever.

It’s almost as good as that time where the wrong guy ended up in interview chair and the dude just totally rolled with it. Or that time when the BBC used the wrong subtitles for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Man, there has been some funny shit on the BBC in recent years. But, as South Africa’s most famous comedic export puts it, the kids interrupting their dad is pretty high on the list of awesome stuff that’s happened on the channel.

In an insert for the Daily Show, Noah touched on the incident and his reaction is pretty much how all of us have reacted to it.

That swag!

Also, side note, but just in case you’ve seen this rubbish shared on Facebook from a fake news site: Trevor Noah is not dead.

One of those sites we should all be avoiding claimed that he crashed his car in Potchefstroom (of all bloody places!) and died this week. Errr, obviously not true because here is doing his thang on the Daily Show giving us all the laughs.

Fake news continues to be a big problem and it’s worth remembering to always double and triple check the source you are sharing from. If you’re not sure of something, Google is full and free and a quick search to verify through a reliable sources can save you looking like a complete spanner on the internet.

Reminder, folks, always question everything. And yes, that includes us.