Trevor Noah shares a ride and

Trevor Noah shares a ride and a few jokes with Jerry Seinfeld in ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ [video]

Jerry Seinfeld takes Trevor Noah for a spin and a coffee in the sixth season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

Trevor Noah shares a ride and

In every episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’, Jerry Seinfeld picks up a comedian and they drive around and goof off for a bit, before grabbing a coffee and some nosh. 2015-06-30 08-56-03

Trev’s episode with Jerry features this white Ferrari 308, a lot of banter and many many laughs.

Trev Noah Ferrari

The full episode will premier on Wednesday.

Watch: the Trevor Noah Episode Trailer- Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.

Trevor’s turn at the helm of The Daily Show begins 20 September.