lion's head full moon hike

Watch: Beautiful timelapse of Lion’s Head full moon hike [video]

This is so cool!

lion's head full moon hike

Cape Town is such a gorgeous city. And its packed full of ways to stay active. Lion’s Head is a favourite amongst locals and tourists for a hike. Some even call it “the most hiked mountain in the world”.

While still a solid workout, it’s not quite as tough as going all the way up to Table Mountain. But you still get beautiful, panoramic views of the city.

Lion’s Head is also a popular hike during the full moon – hundreds of people traverse up the mountain to watch the moon rise over the city. The views are so worth it.

What’s also pretty cool about the Lion’s Head full moon hike is how the mountain looks from afar. With hundreds of little headlamps scattering up and down… it’s pretty cool.

Brendon Wainwright recently captured the movement on the mountain on one of these full  moon hikes and made it into a timelapse. He posted the video to YouTube, writing:

Some call it a Xmas tree, some a head of a Lion, for me it looks like a shark fin. This is a 780 frame day-to-night time-lapse of thousands of hikers hiking up Lion’s Head Mountain during golden-hour to watch the full moon rise of the Mother City – Cape Town. Hiking Lion’s Head Mountain during full moon is something you have to do at least once in your life, the views are to die for!

The end result is something quite stunning.

Hiking up Lion’s Head is a must for anyone who lives in Cape Town or who visits the city. Just remember that you are still trekking up a mountain – and it’s not exactly super easy. You’ll need some level of fitness and you definitely can’t be afraid of heights. In the summer time, start early to avoid the blazing heat, take plenty of water and sunscreen and don’t attempt it when the Cape Doctor is blowing.