These Vietnamese kids have bee

These Vietnamese kids have been taught the South African anthem and it’s super cute [video]

The kids don’t quite manage to crack the “ewige gebergtes” bit, but the rest is on point.

These Vietnamese kids have bee

Rodwell Steinbridge Chigome from Cape Town is an English teacher in Vietnam and recorded his class singing the South African anthem recently.

Chigome has been teaching English in the country for the last five years and is finishing is time in the country this week. He’s off to Abu Dhabi to teach and mentor teachers in the region to improve the stand of English in teaching in the Gulf region.

He told SA People that there has been a steady influx of South Africans over the last five years and South African products are increasingly finding their way onto shelves in the country. Wine, juices and even biltong is being sold in Vietnamn

But, more importantly, Chigome says the youth of the country are playing an active role in fighting rhino poaching. Telling SA People: “Recently we had a Half Marathon in the city centre and the Embassy here organized a Rhino run. There’s massive awareness for anti-rhino poaching out here.”