Watch: SuzelleDIY’s creative w

Watch: SuzelleDIY’s creative water saving tips and tricks [video]

SuzelleDIY shares her creative water saving tips and tricks ! Now everyone can be water wise!

Watch: SuzelleDIY’s creative w

Want to be a Day Zero Hero? SuzelleDIY can show you how!

In a new episode called ‘How to be a Day Zero Hero’ Suzelle pulls out all the stops. She shows us how to save water in order to beat the dreaded Day Zero looming over the Western Cape due to water shortages.

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She shares her best water saving hacks using 50 liters – which is how much one person is allowed to use each day. She separates her 50 liters per day in the following ways:

  • She uses 20 liters for the kitchen – dishes, laundry, cooking etc.
  • 15 liters for ‘washing the body military style’
  • 10 liters for the toilet (she’s quite adamant that you should NOT flush the toilet with drinking water!)
  • And the last 5 liters for drinking, washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

She goes on tho share some of her favorite water saving tips and tricks, including making your own hand sanitizing spritzer, she makes a quirky and easy DIY bottle tap, a wet wipe container and DIY multi-surface wipes to go with it, she shows us how to shower without a shower and how to make what she calls “wee-spray”.

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It looks pretty easy!

SuzelleDIY shows us her water saving tips and tricks:

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