Watch: Ryan Gosling and Harris

Watch: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford just couldn’t control their laughter during ‘Blade Runner’ interview [video]

Just give Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford some whisky when you’re in need of a good laugh!

Watch: Ryan Gosling and Harris

Stars of the new Blade Runner 2049 film, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling couldn’t contain from laughing during a recent interview on the UK daytime talk show, This Morning.

If you remember, Harrison first played Deckard in 1982’s Blade Runner and was already one of film’s biggest stars, with two Star Wars films and one Indiana Jones under his belt. Now 35 years later, he teamed up with Ryan to do another. And it seems they are the perfect pair!

While Harrison is known for keeping a straight face during interviews, Ryan is most definitely not. He’s been known to laugh during serious moments (during the famous Oscar mishap from earlier this year and basically during every sketch on Saturday Night Live). 

And so, while in conversation with Alison Hammond the pair laughed almost continuously through the four minute segment.

Alison starts off by giving the two co-stars special glasses form the original Blade Runner. “That’s so cool that you did that. Are you a fan of the original?,” Ryan asked. “Never seen it,” she jokingly added. From there on end, the three of them can hardly contain their laughter while sipping from the glasses, filled with some whisky.

Some of the funny parts include Alison asking why Harrison decided to star in the sequel 35 years on, when he the actor went on saying: “Show me the money!”

Later on, Ryan turns to the liquor to steady himself. He also pretends to storm off at one point, and drops a pretend microphone. They carry on to jokingly practice their ‘harmonizing skills’ after Alison asks if Harrison would play in a sequel of Oscar-winning hit-film, La La Land.

According to Ryan that could happen because Harrison does have the voice of an angel. “It’s like an angle pouring honey in your ear. We’re working on our harmonies right now.”

They do talk a little bit about the movie though…

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