The Kiffness

Pragtig Meisie: The Kiffness trolls Steve Hofmeyr in ridiculous treffer [video]

The Kiffness REALLY loves trolling South Africa…

The Kiffness

The Kiffness aka Dave Scott continues to leave the country captivated thanks to his brilliant social media memes and great tunes. Now, in his latest offering, he’s taken a few jabs at Steve Hofmeyr.

While racist Steve’s face appears throughout the video, the story being told in the song, Pragtig Meisie, is much more important than Steve Hofmeyr.

This propper sokkie treffer showcases what it’s like to be an “Engelsman” who isn’t very good with Afrikaans but is completely in love with an Afrikaans woman.

In an attempt to woo her even further, he writes a love song using all the Afrikaans he knows. (hint it really isn’t that much)

Whether you’re English or Afrikaans or none of the two, you’ll be left giggling from the absurdity of the lyrics and seeing Steve Hofmeyr’s face photoshopped onto a blowup doll.

Be sure to check out the song and video for yourself below.

Watch: The Kiffness Pragtig Meisie music video

The Kiffness and his videos

Almost a year ago now, The Kiffness really caused controversy when he released a music video for a song called White Privilege. 

“When your parents pay for your tuition fees and you have a lot of opportunities… Privilege! Wah wah wah White Privilege.”

The song clearly hits out at white South Africans for their ignorant and often selfish stance on issues of inequality. At one point, the video even shows Scott brilliantly Googling “How not to be racist” on his computer.

That video went on to obtain tens of thousands of views across various platforms and continues the musician’s trend of making socially aware content.

“White privilege was an attempt to turn my angst into something that all South Africans can laugh at & enjoy. While I want people to enjoy the video, my hope is that people will also see the gravity & seriousness of the issue I’m trying to address.”

While some may love it while others can’t stand it. The Kiffness is making content that gets SA talking, one way or the other.