Watch: How to make a Pallet Do


Watch: How to make a Pallet Dog Bed like SuzelleDIY [video]

If you’re dog-lover and a do-it-yourselfer, this is definitely for you! Watch SuzelleDIY demonstrate how to make a dog bed out of Pallets.

Watch: How to make a Pallet Do


South Africa’s favourite DIY specialist, SuzelleDIY recently wanted to make something special for Bakkies (her and her best friend Marianne’s dog) – especially something that is cuddly and offers cover.

So, what better idea than an upcycled doggy bed fit for a king?! This is a special project for dog-lovers out there.

To make a Pallet Dog Bed like Suzelle, you will need:

  • A Pallet
  • Some pieces of wood
  • A jigsaw Sander
  • Wood screws
  • Your drill
  • Scissors
  • A cuddly blanket
  • And finally, two pillows!

Watch the rest of the web episode down here to see exactly how you can make a dog bed out of Pallets:

Earlier in her career, Suzelle showed us how to make a dog bed out of a simple jersey (in the episode she used Marianne’s old polo neck jersey because ‘peach’ isn’t her colour, so go ahead and throw out those old jerseys of yours as well and put them to good use!)

For the dog bed, you’ll need an old jersey, scissors, wool, ‘a nice’ big needle and finally some stuffing and a pillow. You’ll then continue to sew and sew (Suzelle can even do it with her eyes closed!)

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There’s it!

In an older bite-size episode, Suzelle shows us how to slice a watermelon for easy-eating and without having to deal with sticky fingers. She also shows us how to make watermelon lollies, how to make fancy cocktail decorations and finally how to make a fancy drink….all with the use of watermelons in some way.

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