Hijacking Hout Bay

Photo: Sussanah Leigh / Facebok screenshot

Drivers, be aware: This new hijacking method has been spotted in SA [video]

A shocking incident that took place between Hout Bay and Camps Bay shows how those who carry out hijackings are finding new ways to outsmart victims.

Hijacking Hout Bay

Photo: Sussanah Leigh / Facebok screenshot

Motorists of Mzansi are fully aware of the hijacking issue on our roads. But, as ways to protect drivers evolve, so do criminal methods. Admittedly, this latest method isn’t as hi-tech as signal jamming or its contemporaries, but it has the potential to be just as devastating.

What is the new method of hijacking cars in South Africa?

Safety groups and political figures – including former Cape Town City Councillor Jacques Weber – are warning drivers of certain motor vehicles to check the canopies attached to the back of their cars, after a video uploaded to Facebook went viral during the week. It showed a would-be carjacker hiding under the sheet, waiting to make their move.

It is understood that, once traffic has come to a standstill at the lights or an intersection, these criminals will sneak into the rear-end of a bakkie or 4×4 vehicle where a canopy is attached. Once the vehicle reaches its final destination, the robber(s) will then confront their victims and take their car.

“Good Samaritan” saves the day in Hout Bay

This extraordinarily brazen attempt was caught on camera by Rupert Bryant, who was behind the vehicle that was ripe for this type of hijacking. Once he noticed there was a man trying to hide under the cover, the “Good Samaritan” followed Sussanah Leigh until she came to a stop in Camps Bay, warning her about what he’d seen.

Leigh described her ordeal via a post on Facebook. She confirmed that she had no idea that there was another person in-transit until she came to a stop, and implored other drivers to stay vigilant and keep their canopies locked.

“A man climbed into the back of my canopy while I was driving home at night from Hout Bay. I had no idea he had gotten into the back. It was very dark and rainy and windy. He climbed into the back on Victoria Road. I drove the whole road to Camps Bay not knowing a man was in my car.”

“A couple followed me until I stopped in Camps Bay and told me. Thank you Rupert Bryant and your friend for filming this and saving me from a situation that could have ended very badly. Keep your canopies locked and be aware of what is happening while you are stopped at intersections.”

Sussanah Leigh, writing on her personal Facebook account

Watch the new hijacking method attempted in Hout Bay