Land invasion cape town durban

Photo: Bosbeer / Twitter

Concerns raised as illegal land invasions hit Durban, Cape Town [video]

As South Africa grapples with its next move on expropriation, some are taking matters into their own hands, conducting land invasions in Durban and Cape Town.

Land invasion cape town durban

Photo: Bosbeer / Twitter

On a day where the Riotous Assemblies Act – the law which strictly forbids land invasions and illegal occupations – was challenged in court, two separate incidents were reported in both Durban and Cape Town.

Julius Malema and the EFF have argued in favour of those who carry out land grabs, suggesting that the law prohibiting these actions was drafted by apartheid authorities, and therefore, has no bearing on modern legislation. The North Gauteng High Court disagrees with them, though.

Durban: Land invasions reported in eThekwini

DA eThekwini Caucus Deputy Leader Emmanuel Mhlongo is set to conduct an oversight at Cato Manor on Thursday afternoon. Those taking part in the land invasions have been seen cutting platforms and building structures in the back gardens of private properties on Carlow Road, in Bonela.

According to Mhlongo, the Durban settlement has arrived at this point because of poor provincial governance. He blamed the ANC for “failing dismally” to address housing concerns in the region:

“This situation is so severe that when residents object, the invaders threaten to burn their houses. We are concerned about this violence. The blame lies solely with the provincial authorities and municipal officials who have failed dismally to deal with this urgent matter in Ward 30.”

Emmanuel Mhlongo

Cape Town land invasions – latest news:

Elsewhere, another set of land invasions is reportedly taking place in Cape Town on Thursday, too. Residents of Dunoon, near Milnerton, have been unsettled for the best part of a week after several residents were turfed out of their homes. The City of Cape Town ruled the structures were illegal and began their evictions process last weekend.

This caused an intense amount of disquiet in the region, and protests have been rumbling on since the end of last month. It now seems things have reached boiling point, and according to several sources, the disgruntled locals are taking matters into their own hands.

The traffic situation

A heavy police presence has since been deployed to the area. Malibongwe Drive is the worst-affected region, and traffic coming from Milnerton and towards the N7 is experiencing some minor disruption. The highway remains open as of 12:30 on Thursday, however.