Watch: James Corden introduces

Watch: James Corden introduces Jamie Dornan to his very own ‘playroom’ in hilarious parody [video]

Watch James Corden invite a very innocent Jamie Dornan into his secret playroom…introducing him to a whole new world of pleasure:

Watch: James Corden introduces

Fifty Shades’ main man, Jamie Dornan and James Corden from The Late Late Show recently went into a playroom…but this time it looks very different.

In a new parody video, James takes control and invites Jamie – who plays billionaire Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades series movies – into his very own playroom.

The two of them hilariously act out scenes from the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. In the first film, Grey introduced Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson in the films) to his room full of B.D.S.M. toys. This parody however, has nothing of the sort of toys you’d imagine.

Before opening the door, Corden says, “It’s important to know that you can leave at any time.” Scared, yet intrigued, Dornan asks if his Xbox is in there.

Jamie then steps into a magical wonderland of trains instead of floggers, whips and riding crops.

“Say something, please,” James asks. Jamie simply replies, “You’re a nerd.”

“I’m a hobbyist,” James clarifies.

When Jamie asks what’s the difference, James offers to show him. James goes on to ‘seduce’ Jamie with his train sets and other thingamajigs until they both lie on the ground, exhausted.

On the Late Late Show’s YouTube page, along with the video, there’s an explanation to what’s happening:

It reads: “In a never-before-seen moment from the ’50 Shades films’, James Corden invites a very innocent Jamie Dornan into his secret room, introducing him to a whole new world of pleasure using model train sets.”

Watch James Corden take Jamie Dornan into his very own ‘playroom’ down here:

The third and final installment of the Fifty Shades series, Fifty Shades Freed is set to open in cinemas this Valentine’s Day.