Help identify: CCTV footage of

Help identify: CCTV footage of man slapping woman and forcing her into taxi [video]

This appears to be an abduction.

Help identify: CCTV footage of

Earlier today a Facebook user posted footage of a man assaulting and what appears to be kidnapping a woman. The man is seen slapping and forcing the woman into a empty taxi, she tries to run but the man throws her back in and manages to close the door.

The man appears to be alone yet no one makes any attempt to talk to him or give the woman any assistance. Another bystander can clearly be seen standing and watching the incident. Of-course, the video does not show if the man is armed or if he had friends near by. But we are still shocked that no one made any visible attempt to come to the woman’s aid.

Facebook users have since been sharing the post in an attempt to identify the man. At this time it is not clear where exactly this incident took place. If you recognise anything in the video PLEASE get in touch with your local authorities.