Finally, an advert about perio

Finally, an advert about periods that’s not afraid of blood [video]

Bye, bye women in white and weird blue liquid. This advert has changed the way we think about sanitary wear adverts.

Finally, an advert about perio

You remember when Always told us to “have a happy period”? As if anything about a period is happy. And you know how most adverts about tampons or pads are usually smiley women wearing white showing everyone just how confident they are about “no leakage” and weird blue liquid?

Well, forget all that shit. This advert is not afraid of showing blood.

This advert is completely different. It’s real. It’s honest. It’s AWESOME. Created by London agency AMV BBDO, it’s part of Bodyform’s campaign which aims to educate people about how menstruation affects the body at different points in the monthly cycle and giving advice on nutrition and exercise.

The tagline: “No blood should hold us back. Don’t let your periods stop you” is on point and empowering.