Die Antwoord in new Dior ad [V

Die Antwoord in new Dior ad [VIDEO]

When trashy meets chic: Die Antwoord gets fancy in a new ad for Dior by the director of their short film, Umshini Wam

Die Antwoord in new Dior ad [V

The extended practical joke that Die Antwoord has been pulling on non-Saffas isn’t over. For their latest trick, they’ve convinced a multinational luxury goods brand that they’re larny enough to be the sound of a perfume ad.

The ad opens with the backtrack to rave hit “Enter the Ninja”, as a waif drifts around a dreamy set in a baby-doll dress pretending to be Alice in Wonderland. It’s not long before Yolandi Visser is cooing: “I am your butterfly… I need your protection” which seems to be so overwhelming for the model that she feels the need to strip off half of the dress before the ad is over. Inspiring stuff.

Directed by Harmony Korine, who also collaborated with Die Antwoord on a short film entitled Umshini Wam, the ad is more proof that the extended performance project that is Die Antwoord is still confounding and delighting foreigners who don’t know their kif from their kak.

Yolandi and Ninja have consistently denied that Die Antwoord is a performance art project, despite the fact that South African fans of Max Normal remember a very different Watkin Tudor Jones.

Check out the Director’s cut here: