Watch: SA’s ‘spinning queen’ S

Photo: YouTube/Netflix

Watch: SA’s ‘spinning queen’ Stacey-Lee May takes Charlize Theron on a drive in new show [video]

SA’s ‘spinning queen’ Stacey-Lee May is one of the drivers featured on Netflix’s new show, ‘Hyperdrive’. Watch as she takes Charlize Theron on a drive:

Watch: SA’s ‘spinning queen’ S

Photo: YouTube/Netflix

Extreme Motorsport driver and SA’s ‘spinning queen’ Stacey-Lee May recently took Charlize Theron on a wild ride in Netflix’s new series, Hyperdrive.

The show, of which Theron is an executive producer, features drivers from around the world testing their skills and putting their cars through a series of challenges, including a six-story-tall contraption called the Leveler, reports USA Today. Furthermore, drivers from around the world will test their limits in custom cars on the biggest, baddest automotive obstacle course ever built in this new original Netflix competition series.

The show has even been dubbed “a Ninja Warrior” show for cars.

Brittany Williams, from Lewisville, Texas, is one of the 28 drivers facing off on the Hyperdrive course in Rochester, New York. She’s a drifter who competes on the Lone Star Drift Pro-am circuit in Texas and told USA Today that she has massive respect for Theron after doing a bunch of stunts with the drivers:

“It was really cool actually seeing her [Theron] get into the cars with some of the competitors, especially because some of those cars she got into were maybe not even vehicles I would get into,” said the 28-year-old Hyperdrive competitor. “There was definitely a level of respect for her after that.”

Earlier this month, Theron herself also took to Twitter to express her excitement for the show:

“I’ve been wanting to get into the reality/competition TV game for a while and I’m SO excited to present to you a show I’m producing: @hyperdrivenetflix,” she tweeted. “AND I got to drift with a fellow South African so that’s a bucket list item i can happily cross off.”

Hyperdrive: How does it work?

Apparently, eliminations are based on speed and how fast it takes competitors to get through a series of obstacles that test drivers’ drifting and racing skills, all for bragging rights and a trophy. Just like “Ninja Warrior,” drivers with the slowest times get knocked out until a winner is crowned. 

The course ultimately tests their ability to plow through a tank of standing water without stalling out or showing off how precise their drifting skills are by hitting targets with the tail ends of their cars. 

Then there’s the Leveler, in which cars drive up a steep incline and wait for the other end to descend so they can drive off to finish the course.

After all the eliminations, the winner gets bragging rights as the best driver on the circuit and a trophy designed to look like the launch gates at the starting line of the course.

The 10-episode series is hosted by former MMA fighter Michael Bisping, Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA, and sports reporters Lindsay Czarniak and Mike Hill.

The show is streaming on Netflix at the moment in South Africa.