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Thousands march to Parliament to show support for Palestine [video]

South Africans are making their voices heard.


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Cape Town was awash with protesters on Tuesday afternoon, as citizens showing their support to Palestine and its citizens made their way to Parliament.

The demonstrators are making their voices heard, as at least 59 Palestinians were gunned down by Israeli forces during protests against the new location of the US Embassy. The switch from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has received widespread condemnation.

When tempers flared at the West Bank, the Israeli authorities opened fire. It was a move that has seen South Africa’s government react with haste, removing their ambassador from his role in the Middle East.

Senior figures in the ANC – such as Jackson Mthembu and Jessie Duarte – also joined in the protests. This came shortly after the ANC released a statement which strongly opposed the course of action Israel took yesterday.

“The ANC Caucus is in full support of the immediate withdrawal of South Africa’s Ambassador to Israel, Mr Sisa Ngombane, until further notice. This is a mild but apt diplomatic response.”

“Our democratic Parliament believes that peaceful protest marches are a normal civic or political activity in the whole civilised world.”

“There was absolutely no reason for the Israel armed forces to mercilessly mow down unarmed protesters in the Gaza Strip yesterday.”

What do protesters want?

Crowds have gathered to show their solidarity with Palestine. They are hoping to force South African government into implementing a hardline stance against Israel, who they say are committing their own “apartheid”.

Supported by the EFF, they are also calling for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Lior Keinan, in order to stand up to Israel’s regime.

Racism controversy in Cape Town

However, one particular banner has been identified as “racist” during the march. A poster which equated Israelis to nazis has been condemned by the protest groups, who have distanced themselves from it.

Watch Cape Town’s Palestine protests here: