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Black Motion drops Moya Wa Taola: Tracklisting, download info and reaction [video]

A masterpiece of an album. Well done to the tribal boys!

black motion

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The dynamic duo that has carved out its own sub-genre of House music has dropped off another album on Friday, 5 October. Black Motion have released their brand new album titled Moya Wa Taola.

This is the duo’s third official album. The last time they released an actual album (this excludes EPs) was all the way back in 2012.

The two gents, Smol and DJ Murder, have seen great success since they first came onto the scene in 2011. Seven years later, with an array of ambassadorship deals with leading brands and residency in local and international venues.

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The release had to come with its fair share of drama. We must say though, as humble as the duo is, we had no idea that they may have had beef with DJ and Metro FM radio host, Mo Flava.

Times Live reported that

Metro FM listeners were left shocked and reached for the popcorn on Friday morning when Black Motion and DJ Mo Flava got into a heated exchange live on air over the group’s no-show at an event two years ago.

The group explained they were at a traditional ceremony at home on the day and had cancelled the booking via an email to Mo ahead of time. Mo claimed the pair had dodged his calls and even their manager apparently could not get hold of them. But the group claimed they could not even remember who their manager was at the time.

Things turned even more awkward when Mo refused to speak directly to the duo. Fans were left puzzled since all they tuned in for was an album promo.

However, we’ve got you covered with all the necessary details you may have missed from that cringe interview.

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Black Motion – Moya Wa Taola: Tracklisting

Black Motion looked no further than their tribalist House mates to compile this banger of an album. The mood setters are all featured on this one.

This is the official tracklist.

  1. Intro featuring Hlapogadi & Phaahla
  2. Prayer for Rain featuring Tabia
  3. Andinayo featuring Nokwazi
  4. I Rise featuring Mseki
  5. Anyway featuring XoliM & Alie-Keyz
  6. Little Blue Girl (Tribute to Nina Simone) featuring Miss P
  7. Joy Joy featuring Brenden Praise
  8. Moya Wa Taola
  9. Tana featuring Mafikizolo
  10. Richi Richi featuring Uhuru & Lady X
  11. Donne featuring Cacharel
  12. Machine Gun

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Black Motion – Moya Wa Taola: Where to download

The third album of the dynamic duo is available on all streaming platforms and online stores. Physical copies of the album are also available at local retailers.

Social media reacts to Moya Wa Taola

The fans are in love with Black Motion’s album. Scores of users flocked to Twitter to react to the album, prompting the musicians to trend all day.

One user was quick to note that the sonic quality of the album was way above what he expected from a local group.

Another user, who had gained exclusive access to a snippet of the song Donne before the album dropped was too excited that he finally could enjoy it at his leisure thanks to Black Motion.