Americans tried South African

Americans tried South African snacks and the internet freaked out [video]

“It smells like something they would feed penguins.”

Americans tried South African

From Ouma rusks to koeksisters with a little biltong and everything else in between, we do love South African treats, even if they aren’t always that good for you.

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But, shock horror, did you know that some people from other countries don’t dig our favourite snacks as much as we do? Yeah, we know, we’re struggling to process this information too.

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Well, a few years ago, Buzzfeed made this video about Americans trying South African snacks and the reactions were mixed – both from the people trying the snacks as well as in the comments section.

Check out the video and then scroll down for some of the reactions…

Okay, we know there are issues here. Firstly, they are missing out some of the best South African foods. Bunny chow, anybody? And now, not the bunny chow food truck in London trying to appropriate it as breakfast.

And South Africans sure let them know about it in the comment section.

No surprise: the biggest outrage was about the lack of warm liquid to dunk the rusks into. It’s a travesty!

Then, there’s the question about the absence of melktert and boerwors.

But we also need to discuss those koeksisters. Like, what are those even?

Pixie Bomb wrote: “You guys need to come to South Africa, if a Muslim Auntie saw those koeksisters she’d smack em out of your hand, that’s not how they should look.”

Yeah, look, there are some serious issues with this whole thing, but no judgies, right?

We’ll stick to what we know and love and we’ll keep confusing the world with words we call our food.

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