AKA - Star Signs: Hear his new opinion-splitting track here [audio]

YouTube / SA Hip Hop

Watch: Rapper AKA suffers an embarrassing crowd-surfing mishap [video]

That’s not how it’s done…

AKA - Star Signs: Hear his new opinion-splitting track here [audio]

YouTube / SA Hip Hop

Hip-hop and rap artist AKA has been left red-faced, after footage of a failed crowd-surfing attempt went viral. They say an artist can always rely on their fans. Well, perhaps that’s not the case any more…

The video, uploaded to YouTube by the SA Hip Hop channel, shows AKA mid-performance. He makes the decision to fall backwards into his clamouring fans, but they didn’t seem to get the memo. After a few seconds in the air, the musician – real name Kiernan Forbes – tumbles to the ground.

AKA crowd-surf attempt backfires

Left in a heap and surrounded by bemused concert-goers, he was eventually pulled back to stage by security staff. He was lucky to avoid any injuries, and no damage was done to his personal possessions or jewellery.

If he was looking for sympathy following the fall, then AKA should have avoided Twitter. Once word spread that his dive into the audience fell flat on its face in more ways than one, he really was at the mercy of the online community.

Twitter reacts to crowd-surfing fail

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Hopefully, the rapper will have learned his lesson from this ordeal. Crowd-surfing just ain’t your thing, bru. He is much more capable on stage than off it, and it will be a long time before he makes another impromptu visit to the front row.

Watch AKA and his crowd-surfing mishap here