UAE’s rolling entry ban on Sou

Image: Twitter@UAEBusinessNews

UAE’s rolling entry ban on South Africa set to continue

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has banned entry to South Africans until 15 July and there’s no guessing as to when the ban might be lifted.

UAE’s rolling entry ban on Sou

Image: Twitter@UAEBusinessNews

 South Africa is one of a handful of countries included in the United Arab Emirates’ rolling set of entry restrictions, which are reviewed every couple of weeks.


The United Arab Emirates imposed entry and flight bans against South Africa on 14 January this year for an initial period of 12 days – as a result of the detection of the Beta variant of the Coronavirus in South Africa late last year.   The ban prohibited South Africans from entering the UAE and prevented airlines from operating flights between the two countries.   


This directive from the UAE authorities saw Emirates Airlines being forced to halt scheduled passenger flights to South Africa for several months.     Now nearly 6 months later, the UAE’s entry ban is still in place meaning South Africans and anyone who has been through SA in the 14 days prior to their travels may not enter the United Arab Emirates.   

However, the UAE’s flight ban has been partially lifted allowing Emirates Airlines to transport passengers to South Africa.   Authorities in the UAE updated the travel ban resulting in Emirates Airlines being able to carry passengers on its flights to South Africa but disallowing passengers from South Africa on flights between South Africa and Dubai.    


After announcing late last month that the ban against South Africa had been lifted and that vaccinated South Africans would be permitted to enter Dubai again, Emirates Airlines announced that it would be allowing South Africans on its flights once more.     

The decision to drop the entry ban on South Africans was quickly reversed by UAE authorities. Just days after announcing the country would be reopened to South Africans, the UAE slapped the entry ban on South Africa again.   

South Africa along with 6 other countries has been subject to a rolling entry ban by the United Arab Emirates, for almost half a year.  The latest entry ban is due for review on 15 July.