Guarulhos – Brazil. Photo by Walter Jackson

Guarulhos, Brazil

Travel obsession part two: 45 flights, 31 countries in just over three weeks

I had seen more countries in one trip than many people see in a lifetime, but somehow it left me wanting more.

Guarulhos – Brazil. Photo by Walter Jackson

Guarulhos, Brazil

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Willemstad by Walter Jackson
Willemstad, Curacao

Back in Miami, I had a good night’s sleep before I started the annoying loop it took to get from the USA to Cuba. There were no direct flights in 2014, so I had to travel via Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica and the Cayman islands to get to Havana. At least it gave me a chance to visit the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica.

The hot topic at the time was the Chinese buying one of the local islands and transforming the National Park into a shipping depot. It wasn’t the free-loving island I remembered from a previous trip.

Museum Bob Marley by Walter Jackson

In the end, I arrived in Cuba with my excitement level far outweighing my exhaustion. I had three days to explore this island and I wasn’t going to waste a second with such triviality as sleep.

The first and most obvious thing you notice in Cuba is the enthusiasm and spirit of the locals. The Urban rumba was blaring in the 1956 Cadillac taxi and I could barely hear his diatribe (about US embargoes), as we crawled along slowly, through congested traffic, to my hotel.

Old cars in cuba by Walter Jackson
Old cars in Cuba

Everywhere along the way people were out and about with activities. Maybe they had some premonition about the sanctions being lifted, but people were excited in 2014. And I was privileged to experience this first hand. I must have gone into 30 bars in those three days, drinking in the music, cigars, people (and liquor) of what was an incredible few days.

From here I completed the loop back to Miami via Bahamas, where I met the most incredible two couples from Canada. We ended up talking about our respective countries for hours until it was time to enter the USA (again). It was after midnight by the time I got to my hotel in Miami and I fell asleep not knowing that I was about to miss my first flight on this trip.

Bahamas by Walter Jackson

I had spent the best part of four weeks on planes, boats, trains, taxis, walking, running, swimming and only half sleeping my way across most of the Western hemisphere and my body was done. I managed to get my protesting, weary flesh into another long haul flight back to Sao Paulo.

The Voltaren helped tremendously and pain pills got me through the next 48 hours, but I eventually succumbed to the protest from my body and cancelled my day trip flight to Rio da Janeiro from Sao Paulo. I am still sad I missed seeing one of the most beautiful cities on earth, but back then my body was driven passed its limits and I just wandered the streets of Guarulhos for two days.

Guarulhos – Brazil. Photo by Walter Jackson
Guarulhos, Brazil

I was glad to board the last flight home to Johannesburg. I had seen more countries in one trip than many people see in a lifetime, but somehow it left me wanting more.

I have since done more of these crazy trips, but nothing as extreme as this. I have also been back to explore some of the more interesting countries in more detail. I tend to use these whirlwind trips as exploratory journeys, to scout out which places I can visit at a more leisurely pace with my family.

At least then I’ve been to all of them in the region and I made up my own mind about where to go back for a second visit.