Introducing Xigera: A story of remarkable renewal

Introducing Xigera: A story of remarkable renewal. Image credit: supplied

Xigera Safari Lodge: Return to your roots on a journey of renewal

(Partner Content) Escape the bleak mundanity of city life and unlock the wild wonders of an African dream come true.

Introducing Xigera: A story of remarkable renewal

Introducing Xigera: A story of remarkable renewal. Image credit: supplied

Overlooking the floodplains of the Okavango Delta lies Xigera Safari Lodge, a hidden gem nestled in Botswana’s picturesque Moremi Game Reserve offering a kaleidoscope of supreme safari experiences.

Xigera, pronounced “kee-jera”, owned by the Red Carnation Hotels Group, is a perfect amalgamation of raw African authenticity and luxurious comfort while carefully observing sustainability. It is an aesthetic celebration of African creativity while honouring centuries-old entrenched indigenous traditions.

Xigera inherited its name from the Pied Kingfisher whose habitat is amidst the silver watery channels of the Okavango Delta.

Discreetly positioned across two islands to ensure privacy and serenity, lies 12 African inspired guest suites and an extraordinary Baobab Treehouse. Each lodging is uniquely designed to embrace the fullness of the native environment. The luxurious suites rest peacefully on raised stilts allowing both wildlife and the Okavango waters to pass underneath. It is here where guests can breathe in the quietness of nature while listening to the pulsing heartbeat of Africa.

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The emphasis at Xigera Safari Lodge is taking each guest on a tailormade African journey. From the all-embracing luxury spa programme focusing on mindfulness, wellness and holistic healing to the high-tech gym and swimming pool overlooking the Okavango Delta, each service is catered to provide an inimitable experience while surrounded by the incredible beauty of the African bush.

Here guests can enjoy a five-star interactive culinary experience under the stars with an open kitchen-dining room. The menus are constantly changing offering a wide variety of sumptuous dishes prepared by an executive chef. In addition, a spectrum of first-class wine and champagne from a climate-controlled wine cellar are available.

Every feature of Xigera Safari Lodge is designed to captivate the imagination and senses of guests – from the carefully handcrafted African art to the symphony of colours and textures of the interior design.

The Xigera family warmly invites you on a remarkable journey to Xigera Safari Lodge.  Allow yourself to be captured by the unpretentious charm of the African forest. Come and rediscover your roots in nature. Allow your soul to soak in the tranquillity of wildlife and experience an awakening and blossoming in your being.

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