Top 10 kid-friendly holiday de

Top 10 kid-friendly holiday destinations

Although for many people, vacations are becoming a luxury, you cannot deny the importance of creating holiday memories with your family.

Top 10 kid-friendly holiday de

Here is a list of the top ten holiday destinations that’ll have your offspring asking “Are we there yet?” in the best possible way.

  1. Disneyland, California, USA

Oh, you knew this one would be here, of course, but when a place is called ‘The Happiest Place on earth’, you know you want to take your kids there. Spread over 85 acres, Disneyland is divided into eight ‘lands’, each with its own attractions, rides and shows. If you want to create lifelong memories, this is the place to start.

  1. Kenya

Although Kenya may not have sprung to your mind initially, there is no better place to take your screen-addicted children than the African bush. Witness the wildebeests’ great migration or visit a Masai village and give your children an educational experience they’ll remember for a lifetime.


  1. Hong Kong

Number 3 on the list is also not a destination that would naturally leap into your mind when considering kid-friendly holidays, but beneath the dizzying skyscrapers and the frantic pace of life, lie some attractions that will make a child’s holiday utterly memorable. There’s Hong Kong Disneyland, Geoparks, and pink dolphin watching, to name a few.

  1. Gold Coast, Australia

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will give your kids the opportunity to cuddle a koala, feed kangaroos and hold baby crocs. The Gold Coast also has some of the best theme parks in Australia, such as Dreamworld, Warner Bro’s Movie World and Sea World. For a cheaper holiday outing, there are always the world-renowned beaches.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Visiting Prague feels like stepping into the pages of a history book. Its cobbled streets, castles and horse-driven buggies are part of what make this city so appealing. Prague is easy to get around and is filled with interesting excursions for children, such as the Prague Castel, The Wax Museum and the resting place of Golem. A ride on the Funicular Railway will lead you to an observation tower and a vintage hall of mirrors.

  1. Iceland

With its glaciers, Lego-like houses, geothermal swimming pools, whale watching, dog sledding and scenery straight out of a fairytale, Iceland is a wonderland. In summer, the country defies its chilly name and warms up to a very pleasant temperature. The Golden Circle, with its waterfalls, national park and geothermal valley is the most popular tourist destination, and the Family Park and Zoo is a must-see. There’s also horse riding, elf hunting, whitewater rafting, glacier walks, caving, sea kayaking and so much more.


  1. Thailand

Thailand is the ideal holiday destination for families with children. Great food, sprawling white beaches, boat trips, exotic temples and monkeys, make this the holiday of a lifetime for young children. Koh Chang and Koh Samui are particularly child-friendly.


  1. London

You can’t go wrong with London. London offers an irresistible combination of history, fantasy, and fun. From Madame Tussauds to the London Eye, London has something for everyone.

  1. Denmark

The biggest draw for children in Denmark is Tivoli Gardens – an amusement park that goes back to 1843. With 15 acres of green gardens, lakes, and rollercoasters, it’s the perfect contrast to the busy city in which it can be found. Legoland and the Children’s Museum are also popular places to visit and are part of what makes Denmark a desirable destination for families.

  1. Italy

Ask a child to list their favourite foods and pizza and ice cream will most probably top their list. When pizza and ice cream make up some of the national foods of a country, you know that kids will love it there. Italy is vast and varied, so it’ll pay to look into visiting specific cities that have main attractions, such as the Colosseum in Rome or the canals of Venice.

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