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Road tripping Namibia: Five reasons why you should drive yourself

Namibia is a country that has so much to show its visitors. It might be better to do a self-drive holiday. Here’s 5 reasons why


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There are many reasons why tourists travelling to Namibia might enjoy a self-drive holiday. A Self-drive has become a popular way for South Africans to travel without the hassle of being part of a tour group.

This method is perfect for any tourist who wants to turn their Namibian holiday into an affordable adventure. Here are five reasons why any visitor should opt for the self-drive option.

Drive on the open road

Take a drive on one of many Namibians desert roads Source: PXhere

South Africans who do decide on a self-drive adventure will not be disappointed. There are open plenty of long desert roads that are surrounded by unique slopping landscapes.

As a result, travellers might even catch a glimpse of rare wildlife such as the desert-adapted elephant.

Drive through the rugged landscape

Most importantly, Namibia has become known for its several dunes such as the Dune 7 which are any motorists dream.

A traveller who could get to the top of any of these dunes would be rewarded with a stunning view of the desert. They would then be able to return home with an interesting story to tell.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Similarly to its neighbour South Africa, Namibia has also become known for its wildlife parks such as Namib-Naukluft National Park and the Etosha National Park.

Namib-Naukluft is situated in the oldest desert in the world, visitors can expect to see more of the country’s natural beauty. A drive through the park can take up to six hours. Therefore, drivers can take their time to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

rhino horn saps vietnam or tambo
(Namibia’s Etosha park has the largest Black Rhino population Image credit: Pixabay/Free-Photos)

Etosha National Park is home to the world’s largest black rhino population. Additionally, the park also has more than 100 different elephant species. Visitors might be able to catch a glimpse of the many lions, giraffe, cheetah or wildebeest at one of the watering holes.

Excellent road safety

The Windhoek Observer reported that in November 2018 there was a decrease in the number of road accidents. The safe driving conditions are thanks to the country’s solid infrastructure. This is what makes Namibia one of the few places on the continent where a self-drive is a safe, viable option.

Kolmanskop Namibia
Kolmanskop Namibia. Photo: Pxhere.

Drive at your own pace

Despite many holiday goers that enjoy being part of a tour group, this is not for everyone. Planning a self-drive holiday lets the traveller take themselves to the destination of their choice. They don’t have to rely on public transport or chartered travel services to get from place to place.

Namibia has plenty to offer its visitors. From wildlife and rugged terrain to unique city life. The country’s capital, Windhoek has plenty to offer visitors with a variety of cultural attractions and entertainment.

With all these perks to a self-drive trip, South Africans should waste no time in packing their bags and hitting the open road.