australia travel ban

Lockdown restrictions do not impact travellers. Image: Adobe Stock

Revised lockdown restrictions to have minimal impact on travellers

Surging COVID-19 infections across South Africa saw President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing revised lockdown restrictions for the country.

australia travel ban

Lockdown restrictions do not impact travellers. Image: Adobe Stock

Most South Africans had for some time been expecting revised lockdown restrictions while the number of daily infections had been increasing substantially over the past weeks. On the advice of the coronavirus advisory committee, the government has decided to place the country under adjusted lockdown level 2.

Previous lockdown restrictions included alcohol bans, beach bans, extended curfews, and the prohibition of events. These restrictions had severe impacts on the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors, causing huge financial losses for airlines, hotels and tourism providers.


Previous revisions of lockdown restrictions caused chaos for most companies in the tourism sector. Restrictions severely impacted business operations for the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors which had been desperate to welcome tourists back after a disastrous 2020 with little to no revenue.

Airlines had to cancel flights which operated inside the hours of the extended curfew. Thousands of passengers had to be accommodated on rescheduled flights, which caused a number of South Africans to entirely cancel their trips, leading to unprecedented financial losses for airlines, hotels and companies in the country’s beleaguered tourism sector.


The latest lockdown restrictions affect restaurants and bars, which will have to close earlier.

The updated restrictions extend the national curfew from 23:00 to 4:00. This will mean that businesses such as restaurants and bars will have to close by 22:00 to enable staff and patrons to be home before curfew.

Social gatherings are affected once again. The maximum number of people at an indoor gathering is 100, and 250 at outdoor events.

South Africa’s alcohol industry was severely affected under previous revisions of lockdown restrictions. However, the updated restrictions will not impact the alcohol sector as no alcohol ban has been announced under the revised restrictions.


The updated restrictions do not prohibit movement within the country. Travel between provinces is permitted. Airlines have not been dealt a blow by the new lockdown Level 2 restrictions.  

Local airlines have already taken to social media to inform passengers that their flights will continue as planned. Airlink, Kulula and FlySafair have already announced that the adjusted lockdown restrictions do not impact their flight schedules.