Travel safely during COVID-19. Image via Adobe Stock

How to stay safe on your first post-COVID adventure

As of the 1 October we can take to the skies once again and enjoy an array of post-COVID adventures. But travel is not how it used to be.


Travel safely during COVID-19. Image via Adobe Stock

However, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and now, more than ever, is the time to remember this and take every precaution to prevent contracting and spreading the virus if you are planning on taking a trip somewhere.

While every step of your journey will undoubtedly involve screening, sanitising, and various other safety measures, there are a few things you can do before you travel to guarantee your well-being and evade contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Get tested for COVID-19

It’s a good idea to get yourself tested for the virus to ensure that you are not a carrier. If you happen to show any mild signs of illness on your trip (think a common cold or allergic reactions), you will have to provide a report showing that you are fit to travel, and if you can’t, you might end up having to cancel your trip.

So, while it is an added expense, having the report that shows you are COVID-clear will help any hindrance while travelling.

Carry evidence of your medical history

In addition to the test results, make sure that you can prove you haven’t been ill or a carrier of the virus in the past month by carrying all the necessary paperwork.

You don’t have to carry your entire medical history from the day you were born but take an updated medical report from your doctor that shows your health for the past month or two. Having all this paperwork will help you get through the checks smoothly.

Carry evidence of your travel history

The most common way of contracting this virus is by travelling from one place to another and coming in contact with different people. If you can show that you haven’t travelled in the past few months, or if you have for business, a full history of where you were and when will definitely help you get through the checks a bit quicker.  

Carry a bag of essentials with you

Take a bag of hygiene essentials and carry it with you at all times.

It is far safer to use your own gloves, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitisers, so keep a good stock of these with you throughout your trip.

Keep your mask on at all times and take your own pen to avoid having to use a general pen when filling forms.

Take a bunch of toothpicks along and use them to push elevator or ATM buttons with touching them. Make sure to dispose of them after use so you don’t risk using them again. Make sure all your devices and documents are in polythene bags while passing through security checks. Never share your bottle of hand sanitiser with anyone as this could be a risk for virus transfer. 

Keep the COVID guidelines in mind

Finally, keep the guidelines in mind, such as maintaining social distancing of two metres, avoiding crowded places and touching things unnecessarily, as well as washing your hands regularly.

Happy travelling!