Travel Level 1

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Level 1 latest: ‘Several changes’ to travel laws planned

If you’re catching a flight soon, you’ll need to note these new changes coming for Level 1 of lockdown – travel restrictions will be relaxed further.

Travel Level 1

Photo: Unsplash

South Africa’s functioning airlines are set to comply with a new set of rule changes, in line with altered Level 1 regulations. The new guidance on travel is specifically focused on domestic flights, as authorities prepare for a hectic December schedule. ACSA has since confirmed that some restrictions will be eased this week.

Changes to Level 1 lockdown laws for travel

Mango Airlines already went public with their new rules, which are set to be applicable across the board. Several health protocols will be removed for flights that stay within the borders of South Africa:

  • Health screenings have already been discontinued for domestic flights only.
  • From 25 November, people flying within South Africa will no longer be required to fill out a health questionnaire.
  • Travel permits are no longer required.
  • Requirements for masks, social distancing, and hand-washing are all still firmly in place.
  • Travellers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two-and-a-half hours before their flight takes off.

Mango’s full statement outlines the direction in which the government-mandated changes for Level 1 will go:

“Please be advised that Domestic Port Health Screening countrywide will be stopped from midnight of the 24th November 2020. We have also been advised in this regard, that Health Questionnaires will therefore not be required from the 25th November 2020 onwards (For domestic travellers only).”

“ACSA will continue with temperature screening checks accordingly for airport entry at Level 1, only allowing entry to those with the applicable paperwork for flight. Travel permits will no longer be required for all travel, but the wearing of a mask in airports and for travel is mandatory.”

“Social distancing will still be required within airport terminals. Guests are encouraged to maintain general hand hygiene and sanitize frequently. We advise our guests to plan for extra time for their flight journeys. Please arrive at least two-and-half hours prior to your flight as a contingency for any unforeseen delays.”

Mango Airlines