Discover Mpumalanga’s natural wonders and attractions

Mpumalanga is where the Highveld and Lowveld meet. Discover what this local beauty has in store for visitors.


It is one of South Africa’s smallest provinces and yet it is home to a vast diversity of wildlife and landscape alike. Mpumalanga is derived from the Zulu phrase, “where the sun rises” and is aptly known as “paradise country” by the locals.

The landlocked province is bordered by two other nations — Mozambique and Swaziland — and provides a corridor for tourists to reach both Mozambique and the Kruger National Park for travellers from the Gauteng region.

If you are planning on touring this beautiful province, these attractions should be on your list.

Mpumalanga treasures

Graskop Gorge Lift Company, Mpumalanga

The tourist attraction is centrally located along the Panorama Route and has a host of activities to offer its visitors.

The lift takes its passengers 51 metres down into the face of the gorge and into the magnificent forest below. Here you can meander around the indigenous forest and walk along the wooden walkway and low suspension bridges.

For the brave-hearted and wild-spirited, the big swing (a 70-metre freefall at 140km/h) and zipline are also done across the gorge.

Entrance fee: R30 adults and pensioners, R20 children aged 4-16, under 4s are free
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Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, Graskop

Further North, along the R532, you will find the ultimate place for a picture with a breathtaking view.

It is the third largest canyon in the world but takes the prize for the largest green canyon, due to its lush and subtropical shrubbery. Besides walking around the nature reserve, the Blyde River Canyon Lodge offers recreational activities including; river rafting, hot air ballooning, abseiling and boat trips.

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God’s Window, Graskop

It is a view that has inspired many artists and photographers around the world and is situated on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga.

The magnificent views of the Lowveld region allow you to look 900 meters down into the indigenous forest.

There are multiple viewpoints along the attraction to cater for various fitness levels.

For the best sight of the natural wonder, hike up along the cool rain forest for the highest viewpoint. Have a picnic and support the local vendors at their curio stalls.

Price: Adults – R15, Children 12 years and younger and Pensioners – R10


For R100 you can view Precambrian dolomite rocks at the Sudwala Caves in Nelspruit.

These caves are the oldest caves that are known to man. The structures in the cave are given names that best describe the dolomites; Samson’s Pillar, Screaming Monster and The Devil’s Workshop are just some of the structures at the cave.

Want to go for a swim in a stunning blue pool with the mountains in the background? Divine Foods at The View is a restaurant with a stunning view and a scenic sundowner location.

While the rest of the country enjoys a holiday at the sea, why not enjoy a weekend in the mountains and forests of Mpumalanga?