Comair NUMSA

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Kulula spreading its wings by including East London in route network

Budget airline Kulula is reinstating flights to East London this weekend, as part of its efforts to rebuild its pre-COVID-19 route network.

Comair NUMSA

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Privately-owned low-cost carrier which suspended operations in July due to lockdown restrictions and a slump in demand from passengers took to the skies again on 1 September.  

Kulula is trying hard to win back customers. The airline recently launched a new app that eases booking processes for passengers. Kulula has also introduced fares that offer more flexibility to passengers, at a time when circumstances change at short notice.


Comair took to the skies on 1 September with a full schedule for both its and British Airways franchise operations.

Comair CEO Glenn Orsmond said that Comair will be steadily increasing its route network and flight schedules as the end of the year approaches.

“We launched today with our full schedule, about 100 air flights a day, and we’ll be growing steadily as we get closer towards the end of the year, as the seating picks up towards December,” Orsmond told Moneyweb.

Orsmond said that the British Airways brand which offers a premium product for business travellers was also back in full swing, but that the company noticed a reduction in passengers for business travels.

“South African business travellers are probably down to about 20%, 40% of pre-COVID levels. And that used to be about half our market.  So it has been tough and there’s been a fundamental change in how people travel in terms of business. Most business guys are sitting at home and doing Teams and Zoom, rather than travelling for face-to-face meetings,” Orsmond said.


Kulula is beginning to rebuild its former domestic route network. The airline is re-introducing flights to East London.

Flights on the Johannesburg-East London route will begin from this Saturday 4 September. Kulula will operate two flights a week between Johannesburg and East London.