lockdown Comair to file to be placed under business rescue

Kulula launches new mobile app. Image via: Wikimedia Commons

Done in 10: New Kulula app halves booking time of flights

Budget airline Kulula.com has just launched a new app that promises no more ‘waiting rooms’.

lockdown Comair to file to be placed under business rescue

Kulula launches new mobile app. Image via: Wikimedia Commons

Privately-owned lost-cost carrier Kulula.com which suspended operations in July due to a slump in demand from passengers as a result of travel restrictions imposed during the revised lockdown measures implemented in July will be taking to the skies again on 1 September.

Kulula.com has unveiled its new mobile app, which is said to be the quickest and easiest way to book flights with the carrier.  Using the app to book flights makes the entire reservation process simpler and more convenient.


Avsharn Bachoo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Comair Limited, said that booking flights on Kulula’s website used to take customers about 23 minutes. The new app will reduce this to around 10 minutes.

“We have been listening to our customers’ feedback over the past year, and we’re pleased to launch this app at a time when we can really help make air travel easier and more enjoyable for our customers,” Bachoo said.


When local airlines have flight sales high numbers of users on their websites often lead to delays in being able to access pages with the available flights and fares on an airline’s website.

This is generally accompanied by having to spend frustrating amounts of time in waiting rooms, before being able to properly access the website – if one is not kicked out before even being admitted to the waiting room.

“The microservices sit on containers, able to scale up or down immediately, such as when there’s a rush on tickets for holiday specials. There are no more ‘waiting rooms’ or frozen pages,” Bachoo said.


Having to wait endlessly or being kicked out while booking will be a thing of the past for users of Kulula’s new app. The app is built in the same way as Google Maps or Gmail and will be able to handle large numbers of simultaneous users.

“We’ve created a Cloud-centric rather than a standalone app. Using Flutter and Firebase rather than Xamarin is a gamechanger due to cost and ease of use. The end product may look the same, but there’s a big difference in the back-end,” Bachoo added.


When Kulula.com returns to the skies on 1 September there will be a few differences.  While offering its passengers new flexible fare options, with three bundled affordable kulula.com fare offerings called Fly Light, Pack & Go and Fully Loaded, the airline has also made flight reservations much easier with its new app.

The app is not just useful for making flight bookings. It may be used for checking in, selecting seats, obtaining boarding passes and purchasing other services.

“The app provides you with every piece of information that matters and has a simple, attractive interface to shop, book and check in for your flight,” Bachoo said.